super-fast super-good ricotta and sopressata, first course or appetizer

Ingredients listed below are approximate, depends on
how much you have on hand or how much you buy or how
many you are feeding.

2-3 cups freshest ricotta cheese
3/4 cup finely diced sopressata or any good
hard or semi-hard salami
1 cup sauteed walnut halves
[saute walnuts in mixture of butter
walnut or olive oil until medium brown,
salt and let cool]
sea salt and pepper

Very lightly toss ricotta with salami, salt and ground pepper to taste
Put in round or square bowl and edge bowl with walnut halves.
Grind a little black pepper on top to prettify. Store any unusued
walnuts, they come in handy for lots of dishes [like pasta].

This dish is great as a first course with a platter of 6 oz prosciutto, and
a 5 ounces each of other Italian cold meats sliced thin. Add slices of
buffala mozzarella [8oz] and garnish with spinach leaves or parsley.

Depending on how many and how plentiful the ingredients, serves
4 to 6

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  1. I want to try this. Reading the recipe makes me want to go to Italy right now.


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