Hello from Bali! We made it after a grueling forty one ( yes 41!) hours of travel. The air is warm and soft. Pounding rain lulls us to sleep in our open bungalow. Roosters wake us early. I am not typically a morning person, but the dreamy mist that colors the Bali mornings fully rewards the early riser. And the breakfasts aren't too shabby either!

There is beauty everywhere. Offering of fresh flowers, rice, and incense are found at every door step and even perched in trees.

Intricate woodcarvings adorn even the most insignificant railing. Women and men alike wear ornate batik  sarongs. And the food.... not only is it fresh and yummy, it's gorgeous. Every morning Wayan or Made brings us a simple fruit salad with yogurt. In typical Balinese fashion, the fruit is cut into various lovely shapes and layered into a colorful sculpture. Each plate is topped with a charming handwoven cover.

I often eat fruit and yogurt at home, but I never take the time to beautify the slices of fruit. This first post from the road is less of an intricate recipe than a fresh approach towards a simple breakfast.

  • 3 kinds of seasonal fresh fruit (here in Bali we are eating papaya, banana, and pineapple) cut into festive shapes and layered 
  • 1 generous scoop of plain yogurt
  • optional: if the fruit itself isn't sweet enough, top with a drizzle of honey or a sprinkling of coconut sugar (one of my new favorite ingredients thanks to Bali)

Along with happily writing, photographing, and eating for Yummy Supper, I will keep a simple photo journal of our travels. If you want to peek, check out ....

316 Pacific Days



  1. what an effortless and beautiful transition you've made to documenting your trip. we're so lucky that we get to go on this journey with you. i'm speechless. and so exicited!

  2. I love the small details that turn something ordinary into something extraordinary. I need to pamper myself with some of that fancy fruit-work! So beautiful! Oh, and that coconut sugar...I can only imagine how wonderful it is!

  3. The breakfast looks magical and what a wonderful journey you are embarking on. Just came home from seeing "Eat, Pray, Love" and her last stop was Bali - I wonder if she had such a lovely breakfast?

  4. all of this sounds and looks colorful, dreamy and tasty...
    so excited to start reading about your travels

  5. How beautiful! And now I NEED some coconut sugar

  6. I read this while in back-to-school meetings on the importance of the test calendar. Enjoy, you people.

  7. Wow-what an exciting adventure. If you get a chance to answer any questions-how old are your kids? A trip of a life-time is a dream of ours as well (kids are 3 and 5) and you're inspiring me to really do it! I've been to Bali twice and would love to show my kids some day.Have a wonderful trip

  8. Jen LemelinAugust 26, 2010

    Bali is one of my favorite places on earth! I am heading back to Indonesia in a few weeks for my third visit and your photos are getting me so excited to leave! And yes....the coconut sugar...I will be sure to bring plenty back again!!

  9. Hey friends, thanks for the notes:) Such a treat to hear from you all when we are so far away!

    Becca, our kids are 10 and 6. This seems to be a great age for easy adaptable traveling. They are old enough to fully enjoy everything yet young enough not to be too too sad about leaving their friends. And Bali is so amazing for kids! Balinese people see kids as treasures - so unlike America. Plus the culture is so rich and interesting for the kiddos.

  10. Enjoy Bali and let me know if you ever decide to stop by Kuala Lumpur! :D

  11. I am extremely impressed and extremely jealous about your 10 months travelling! Will stop by more often to see what you're making! I'm hoping to make it to Bali next year, this breakfast looks amazing. Can't wait to try it!

  12. Erin- Wow, I am so jealous. I would love to be in Bali( I wouldn't be great at the home schooling Jake part, but you have your hubby for that, I guess). Especially with Berkeley not having a great summer. I can't wait to follow your travels. Have fun on you adventure.

    Jennifer Burt

  13. What a beautiful display of a beautiful place. I miss it always and enjoy seeing these details here through your eyes. I just bought some coconut sugar - only 35 on the glycemic index - very low.

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  15. wow, that breakfast sounds simple but yummy! I love your index gadget, what is it called?

  16. Such a lovely and simple breakfast, I love it! We often do berries & yogurt for breakfast, but I like the flavor combination you have here! Beautiful blog, can't believe I only just found it!


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