Do you ever dream of dropping out of the rat race?  Maybe... starting a bar on a Caribbean island; living in the hills of Mexico; sailing around the globe. P, the kids, and I are taking a single precious year away, and will return to our American life this summer.  Our friends Cath, Johnny, and seven-year-old Huey have taken a profoundly deeper plunge. Their little family unit has left behind Australian life on the gorgeous and posh Sunshine Coast in order to open a small resort in the mountains of Bali. So damn bold!

Johnny, Cath, and Huey are not vacationing - they are making a new life for themselves. They are now part of a village, very far from home. Kanciana is a small village where local kids run around, splashing in the river. Huey, too, joyously runs wild and talks eagerly of the natural world that is now his own.

We got to spend a long weekend at Johnny and Cath's newly opened Bali Eco Stay on pristine Mount Batukaru. The stunningly serene resort is no small undertaking. There are extensive permaculture gardens, hydro power, gorgeous bungalows, a sparkling swimming hole, and an airy restaurant with views down to the sea.

I'm not sure how many of you remember Mini, and her fabulous recipe for Cap Cay, that I shared here last September. Well, she and her husband are Johnny and Cath's local business partners at the Bali Eco Stay.  I got to go back into the kitchen with Mini while she made a sumptuous feast of Balinese duck, green beans from the garden, and local rice, of course.

Bali Eco Stay is remarkably peaceful, blissfully off the standard tourist path; plus, the service has a level of graciousness that is rare in this world. What a delicious weekend!


  1. Wow that is such a fantastic adventure! Good luck to them and if I'm ever in Bali I will be checking out their amazing sounding resort!

  2. Bali looks so magical. I'm planning a trip there right now in June. I'm so incredibly excited to drip amazing coffee, eat fried noodles, go to the monkey forest, explore the island and get those famous $4 massages.

  3. I love those incredible shades of green!

  4. Thanks foodies at home - you would love their resort! A truly peaceful place.

    Adrianna, planning a trip to Bali? Lucky you! It sounds like you've been before and already know the inside scoop;)

    Thanks Alejandra!

  5. These images are so amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  6. E, do you take all your own photos? These are absolutely gorgeous! Hope all is well and that we will see each other in person sometime! xx

  7. Ondine! What a treat to see you here on Yummy Supper. Yes, I do take all my own photos - a huge passion for me! I hope you're well and that your baby girl is keeping you busy and happy.
    Take care,

  8. I can't believe that as an Indonesian I have never went to Bali for a proper vacation. I went there for work trips mostly, never having the opportunity to explore the island. Thanks for reminding me with this post, I will make sure the 'proper vacation' will happen this year.

    ps. I'm new to your blog, and already liking it :)



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