Summer Vegetable Frittata

In an effort to be more environmentally and financially conscientious, our family has greatly reduced its meat intake lately. I have struggled, though, to find meals that are enjoyable for everyone and feel substantial enough after years of having meat main courses.

I've often made quiches, using the store bought shells, but have recently migrated to this simple, yummy, and healthy frittata recipe - adapted from Alice Waters' The Art of Simple Food.

The great thing about this recipe is its versatility. You have zucchini - use it. You have lots of onions - great. Asparagus - perfect! You can also play with the veggie to egg ratio depending upon the meal you want. I tend to load on the veggies and use the egg more as a binding.

I use an oven-proof non-stick frying pan.


Veggies (2-6 cups chopped)
Eggs (3-8)
Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper
Garlic (3ish cloves, chopped)

Preheat oven to 350.

Saute all your veggies in olive oil, sprinkled with salt. Get them to the tenderness you want, as they will not cook much once combined with eggs. Today I used about 8 zucchini and some spring onions.

Meanwhile, crack eggs and combine with chopped garlic and herbs. Today, I used 5 eggs and a lot of basil from the garden (I would have added mint also but thought it might push the kids over the edge). Whisk mixture.

Once veggies are done cooking, mix them into the egg mixture.

Add 2T more olive oil to pan so that it will be well-lubricated (and will make it easier to remove frittata). Pour in egg and veggie mixture after a few seconds of heating. As the eggs set, lift the edges with a spatula to allow the egg to flow underneath. Continue to cook until mostly set.

I added a generous amount of goat cheese to the top.

Place in the oven for 7-10 mins (depending upon number of eggs, etc). Today, mine cooked for 9 mins. Check it until it appears set on top.

Invert onto plate (I invert it again bc I think it's prettier that way!).

Enjoy! I've served this as a bfast, a lunch, and a dinner. I recently made a couple for a dinner party, served with a big hearty salad and bread. Delish.


  1. You are a goddess! This looks so tasty. I've gotta make one of these.

  2. i can't believe i'm saying this but i've never made a frittata. i'm making yours tomorrow with asparagus that's coming in our csa box. fun to look back in your archives! love, p


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