Tomatoes with fresh mint

A continuing ode to the tomato...

At peak season, we devour tomatoes solo or with sprinkle of salt. Still, a little help from some fresh herbs and a splash of vinaigrette can make them even more delicious. Basil always comes to mind, but an underappreciated accompanist to tomatoes is freshly chopped mint. I like to keep a pot growing near my kitchen door. Mint is an herb that will always go to good use, if only for a quick pot of tea.


any sweet ripe tomatoes
balsamic port vinegar
sea salt
freshly ground black pepper
one bunch mint leaves

Slice tomatoes. Whisk together port balsamic (or high-quality vinegar of your choice) and olive oil and lightly dress tomatoes. Top with sea salt, ground pepper, and freshly chopped mint leaves. Enjoy.

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