Strawberries with Homemade Crème Fraîche and Brown Sugar

This dessert brings back such memories: living in the foothills of the Sierra's; the dry heat of summer; picking fresh ripe strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries from our lush organic garden. My mom and step dad headed back to the land in the mid eighties and worked tirelessly growing loads of veggies and fruit. I was a young teen, more interested in punk and smoking cloves with my friends than tending the garden. Still, food was a lure for me even then - promise of mom's fresh berry pies or this simple dessert would get me to put down my Walkman and start picking berries

My step dad introduced us to this dessert and I think it is one of those simple revelations that should be shared. Back then we used sour cream. My husband adamantly refuses to eat sour cream, but loves crème fraîche, so that's what we use now. Either one does the trick. Eating strawberries with your fingers to me is what summer is all about and I love serving this spread at a picnic or barbecue with friends.


Set out a platter with strawberries with a bowl of crème fraîche and a bowl of brown sugar. Everyone should help him/herself. Using the strawberry stem as a holder, dip the berry's tip into the crème fraîche then dip into the brown sugar.

Repeat until you can eat no more.


  1. a walkman! hilarious. haven't seen one of those in years. this was my favorite dessert as a child. nice to be reminded of it. i would love to take a bite out of that last close-up shot. beautiful.

  2. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    I just bought some strawberries at the farmers market this morning. Now I want to run out and buy cream so I can do this. This looks fantastic! I'm super excited to make my own creme fraiche now!

  3. this is one yummy dessert....I love this combo with blueberries as well, so easy to make....and with homemade creme fraiche must have been divine :)

    I enjoyed reading your story...and yes...walkman made me smile, too. :)

  4. Hey Ladies, thought I might get a few chuckles with the Walkman reference:)
    Arugulove and M you guys will love this dessert- So easy and addictively good!
    Must say... I devoured that whole plate myself.

  5. ustabahippieJune 12, 2010

    Oh how I wish I could dare have a whole container of Creme Fraiche in my possession! I'd have a heart attack and die happy! I'll make this for a potluck!

  6. Homemade creme fraiche must bring this simple dessert over the top!

  7. Thanks for stopping by ustabahippie and Chocolate Shavings! So glad to share in the simple tastiness of homemade crème fraîche. I love dishes like these where you have so few ingredients, but each one is just right.

  8. I just returned from vacation and love the posts you've put up.

    Aside from au naturel, this is my next favorite way to eat strawberries. So yummy!

    My kids have no idea what a Walkman is. In a moment of absent-mindedness, I referred to an iPod as a Walkman. They were so confused!!


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