Vegetarians, you might want to close your eyes. Pork-lovers out there, read on...

We have been eating like royalty here in Bali. Fresh fruit juices, garlic prawns, pungent sauces, candlelit dinners while reclining on batik cushions......ahhhhhhhh. This has been a decadent beginning to our trip. We realize that things won't always be so plush so we are soaking it all in with great appreciation.

Our lunch at Ibu Oka was by no means fancy, but this was a meal I had to share with you. As many of you know, my family loves pork. Give us carnitas, ribs, bacon, any tasty, salty pig, and we are happy. Hearing of the famous suckling pig at Ibu Oka, we knew this was the place for us.

As we entered the warung, we saw piles of juicy roasted pork. At lightning speed, the meat was being put onto plates or scooped into paper cones for take away. These quick-to-assemble travel containers are one of my favorite food tricks here in Bali.  A folded piece of paper - so simple, green, and quite cute.

I digress....

As we waited for our own sampling of this famous pork, the kids gulped bright orange Fanta, P had a morning Bintang, and I happily slurped young coconut. Then came the pork: succulent, thinly-sliced deliciousness, with crispy skin to boot. Damned this stuff is good! Anthony Bourdain is right. This might be the best pork on earth!

In the middle of our meal, a delivery boy pulled up on his moped. He had an entire roasted pig on a tray, on his head!  How he maneuvered this, I have no idea, but I leaped up to take photos. Within minutes, the new arrival had been carved and was feeding the long line of newly arrived patrons. This was only 11 am. I wonder how many suckling pigs they sell in a day.

Sadly, I don't know the recipe for this gorgeous pork. If this post leaves you craving pork, try my mother-in-law's Carnitas recipe. I have yet to roast my own suckling pig, but a girl can dream, right?

By the way, I had the good fortune to spend this morning learning a few Balinese dishes with a very kind local cook. I will share those homey Balinese recipes, and photos, with you soon!


  1. oh, boy...this is some hard core dining here :)
    last three photos are pretty intense,

  2. sorry, meant hardcore, of course :)
    can't wait for those new recipes.

  3. Hi...
    I´m from Portugal and there's a Sucling pig here very similar to that on the foto.
    It's called Bairrada's sucling Pig and it is roasted in a wooden oven.
    For seasoning you just have to have lots of garlic mixed with black peper and salt and stuff the pig with it.
    Don't open the pig, justo do it as you would for a turkey.
    And remember, the smaller the pig, the best.
    Best wishes

  4. I cn't believe he carried that on his head! Amazing. I am so jealous - this all looks delicious. We loved Thailand and Malaysia, but haven't been to Bali - yet. I just told my husband we have to go

  5. Fantastic photos! I am super jealous right now! Have fun and keeping sending along your beautiful photos and stories so us stuck at a desk all day can day dream a bit!

  6. I love any kind of pork too. This looks amazing. Happy travels and eating!

    Jennifer Burt

  7. Oh my. Although I cringe at the face staring at me, I have always had a conflicting feeling at the same in Holy S&%$! That looks sooooooooooooo good! I have a bad habit of staring at my local butchers price list...the suckling pig is listed at $150 and I think I could do it! But I wouldn't want to ruin it.

    I wish you knew how they made that pig!

  8. Thanks for the comments:)
    Teresa, I love the tips on your Portuguese suckling pig!!!! I am filing that information away for my own roasted pig some day.

  9. OMG.... So Jealous!!! The food looks fantastic. Don't forget to stop and get some kopi luwak while you are in Bali..

  10. Yum! love carnitas and pork of all crispiness. For the future, how about black rice pudding? I learned from my Ubud family but can't quite recall it all. Simple though. Thanks!

  11. Come to the Philippines! We have that here and better!

  12. Yum! Philippines here I come:)

  13. I was blessed to have eaten at that restaurant and it was to die for. i even went around to where they keep the pigs, and watched the men prepare it. Carefully pouring fresh coconut water over the rind and hand turning constantly.
    i'm going back in feb and will definately be taking the hour long trip to ubud....YUMMO!!


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