I'm thrilled to say my book is available now on ... amazon, barnes + noble, indiebound, books-a-million, & itunes. (Here are links for my friends in the UK and Canada.)

Just like this blog, the book is inspired by flavor, bounty, joy and a deep love of food, and its pages are packed with simple, seasonal recipes that happen to be gluten-free as well. We've been cooking up a storm around here and I'm so excited to share all of the deliciousness with you: from tasty cocktails, to eggy delights, ample whole grains, treats from the sea, succulent meats, tons of fruits and veggies, and plenty of baked buttery goodness.

"This book shows how to eat with intention ~ and reveals through simple, vibrant recipes that when you are attuned to freshness, flavor, and seasonality, health is the natural outcome."  - Alice Waters

You can flip to just about any page in Erin Scott's first cookbook and find a completely approachable, inspired recipe. With a focus on seasonality, vibrant natural ingredients, and family-friendly meals ~ this cookbook works whether you're gluten-free, or simply looking for a fresh dash of culinary inspiration.”  
- Heidi Swanson, author Super Natural Every Day 

"Erin Scott’s recipes look ever so appealing ~ fresh, bright, full of bright color and clean flavors, in fact, “yummy”, just as she says.  I’ll use this book for sure."  
- Deborah Madison, author Vegetable Literacy

"Yummy Supper hasn't left the side of my stove since I opened it. As a busy mom of two, I'm inspired by this beautifully crafted cookbook and motivated to cook its honest and delicious recipes with what I have in my kitchen."  
- Kyle Cornforth, Director of The Edible Schoolyard Berkeley

"A refreshing cookbook centered around tasty whole foods instead of just gluten-free alternatives. The involvement of Erin’s family in her recipes is truly sincere and reflects a natural and satisfying way to organize a family pantry, wheat or no wheat."
- Nathan Williams, Kinfolk co-founder

"Something most people wouldn't guess is that chefs, too, are on the lookout for inspiration in their home kitchens, just like everyone else. What I find so refreshing about Erin's recipes is that instead of just relying on GF flours as wheat substitutes, she embraces buckwheat, millet, black rice and nuts to create original, simple, and delicious food. The kind of recipes that makes you think, 'Oh, I could have thought of that!' I will forever be popping amaranth now." 
- Elisabeth Prueitt, co-author of Tartine and co-owner of Tartine Bakery 


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*Big Launch Party ~ Book Signing and Popsicles in the Edible Schoolyard Garden ~ Berkeley
Omnivore Books will be selling copies of the book.
Open to the Public. Kids are welcome. Bring a friend. The more the merrier!
September 7th, 2-4 @ The Edible Schoolyard Berkeley, 1781 Rose Street 

 *Book Signing ~ San Jose
Adobe Headquarters, September 11th, 11-1:30

Book Signing + Benefit for The Bolinas Community Center
September 13, 2014

*Book Signing and Conversation ~ Corte Madera
With Kimberley Hasselbrink of The Year in Food and Vibrant Food
September 14th, 4pm, Book Passage, Corte Madera 

 *Book Signing ~ San Francisco
Adobe Headquarters, September 17th, 11-1:30

*Book Signing + Demo ~ Seattle

*Food Photography and Styling Workshop ~Portland
September 26th, 3-5, PDX Culinary Alliance. Portland. Sold out.

*Book Signing + Tasting ~Portland
September 27th, 10am-1:30 pm. Beaverton Farmers' Market, Portland

*Cooking Class ~ Portland

*Book Signing and Tasting ~ Portland
Powell's Books joins Pastaworks for a culinary book signing. 
September 28th, 3-5pm Pastaworks-Hawthorne, 3735 SE Hawthorne, Portland

*Book Signing  ~ New York City
October 8, 11-1. Union Square Greenmarket
*Featured Speaker, Maker Talk with Apartment Therapy/ The Kitchn ~New York City ~ new event!
October 8th, 7pm Subculture, 45 Bleecker Street, NYC Tickets available here

*Yummy Supper Cooking Class to Benefit the Edible Schoolyard Project  ~Berkeley
Pair up with one of your favorite kids (your own, a grandchild, niece/nephew, or young buddy) and let's cook and eat a few of my favorite recipes in the amazing ESY Kitchen! 
All proceeds benefit The Edible Schoolyard Project. Space limited to 30 participants.
October 11th, 10:30-1:30 @ The Edible Schoolyard Berkeley. Purchase Tickets here. 

*Yummy Supper Cooking Class to Benefit the Edible Schoolyard Project  ~Berkeley
Pair up with one of your favorite kids (your own, a grandchild, niece/nephew, or young buddy) and let's cook and eat a few of my favorite recipes in the amazing ESY Kitchen! 
All proceeds benefit The Edible Schoolyard Project. Space limited to 30 participants.
October 18th, 10:30-1:30 @ The Edible Schoolyard Berkeley. Sold Out. 

*Panel Discussion ~San Francisco  
Contemporary Food Writing and the Future of Culinary Publishing
@ The Book Club of California's Symposium, "A Feast for the Eyes: Gastronomy & Fine Print"
October 24th, 2:30, San Francisco. Tickets and info available here.

*NCIBA Author Reception ~ San Francisco
October 24th, 6-7:30pm 

*Book Signing + Tasting ~ San Francisco
Come to the Ferry Building for the Harvest Festival - I'll be signing books at Stonehouse Olive Oil!
October 25th, 11-1, Stonehouse Olive Oil, San Francisco Ferry Building 

*Book Signing + BBQ Sauce Demo at Oaktown Spice Shop ~ Oakland
October 29th, 5-7, 530 Grand Ave, Oakland. 

*Book Signing + Conversation ~ Los Angeles 

*Book Signing ~ Sebastopol, California
November 15th, 7pm Copperfield's Books, Sebastopol. 138 North Main, Sebastopol

*Book Signing + Tasting ~ Albany, California
December 6th 3-5pm, Flowerland, 1330 Solano Ave, Albany 


  1. YAY! I am beyond thrilled about this! Cannot wait for it. Congrats Erin, so proud of you. xoA

    1. Thanks Ashley! All of your support means so much to me.
      We have got to cook together one day. xoxox E

      The kale in your picture is actually Swiss Chard. Kale is a very very frizzy leaf

    3. Not all kale is frizzy... this one is in fact a kale leaf.
      I do love swiss chard as well and it would work beautifully in this soup if you prefer it.

  2. Beautiful cover!!!
    Although don't have much time for cooking these days, I can't wait to put my hands on it!
    Congrats Erin!

    1. Monika, always great to hear from you! Thank you!
      I hope you and your babe are doing well. I must tell you I didn't really cook for a long time after Otis was born. He just wasn't having it;)
      xoxo to you and yours,

  3. Beautiful cover! And those tacos look incredible. Best wishes!

    1. Thanks for the well wishes, Yvette. Much appreciated!

  4. Thank you Ashley Neese for the recommendation, I just pre-ordered my copy from Amazon. Very excited and can't wait to have in my cook book collection (I am very choosey about cook books and rarely purchase them when so much is available online...yours is just too beautiful to pass up, Erin!) All the best! Will make sure to put up a review on Amazon! YAY!

    1. Meg, what a sweet note. I have a huge smile on my face over here!

  5. Hi Erin, the cover of your book is stunning. I can't wait to read it. Will you come to NZ for a book launch also ?! ;-)

    1. Nicola, thanks!
      Ooooh a trip to NZ for the book.... I need to get my publisher to sponsor that one:)))

    2. Ordered two copies for myself and my friend Kate. Your photos are yummy too.

    3. Thanks Marlene! Much appreciated.

  6. Beautiful Miss Erin! Love it my friend xx

    1. Thanks Lovely! I cannot wait for yours!!! xoxo

  7. The praise you received was so heartfelt and lovely. AMAZING!! You are a rock star. I am buying my copy (or three) when they come out. Can not wait!


  8. Can't wait for mine to arrive -- congrats Erin.

  9. Erin,
    Congrats on what looks like a gorgeous book, will be getting a copy for my cousin who is GF. Found you through Lisa -Authentic Suburban Gourmet.

  10. So exciting.....your cookbook looks amazing!

  11. Hello Erin!
    I won your book in Magda's - My Little Expat Kitchen giveaway!
    I was very excited!! I loved your recipes and today i posted in my blog your Sunshine Soup. It's delicious!!!!! I am looking forward to trying other recipes, too.

    If you like, you can see the soup here


  12. Pepi, thank you for the kind note and wonderful post about my book! I'm so glad you liked the Sunshine Soup - it's one of my favorites.
    Warmest regards,

  13. The book is wonderful


So good to hear from you... I appreciate each and every note you leave for me!