Fried Green Tomato BLT

This sandwich is a new one for me. I am by no means a Southern cook and I have never made fried green tomatoes. Yesterday, I was trying to tame my jungle of tomato plants and accidentally broke off a number of branches. It pained me to throw away beautiful tomatoes we worked hard to grow. So what if they aren't ripe....

Ingredients for each sandwich:

2 slices of your favorite bread: levain or pain de mie would be delicious (I used Pamela's gluten free bread rolls)
2 slices bacon
3 slivers avocado
1 piece butter lettuce or watercress
mayo (homemade, if you are so inclined) or pesto (see last recipe)
1 slice fried green tomato (read below)

This description may clog your arteries just reading it, so beware...
Cook your bacon in a large cast iron pan. Keep the pan hot after the bacon is done. Slice green tomatoes into 1/4 inch slabs. Lightly coat with flour ( I used sorghum flour). Dip in lightly beaten egg. Then coat with cornmeal. Place battered tomatoes in the hot bacon grease. (If this sounds too intense for you, you can use veggie oil). Cook 3 minutes on each side.
Pile all the goodies on your bread. Gotta love not wasting food you've grown.


  1. this is the yummiest of yummy -- so far! also molto original!

  2. I love your blog. My friend, Alexandra Penney turned me on to it and l really like it a lot. Will continue to read as am most curious. I love to cook and my husband is now on a strict diet so i am entertaining myself with cook books and your blog and not regretting that piece of blue cheese from Vermont that i will have after dinner and a left over piece of apple custard tart that i will have after the cheese having followed a dinner of root vegetable soup, chicken breasts and asparagus. Keep up the good work. All best, JC

  3. Thanks so much for the kind comments. I am glad you are enjoying the blog.
    Isn't good food the best?
    Enjoy your holidays!

  4. Interesting use of green tomatoes -- something I've never thought of trying before!
    BTW, you can still ripen those green tomatoes if you put them in a cardboard box in newspaper and store them in a cool, dark and dry place. In a few weeks they will ripen to a proper red. No need to discard them! :)
    Best wishes, Sharon.

    1. Sharon, thanks for the tip on ripening green tomatoes:) I've done a similar thing with avocados but didn't know it works with tomatoes too!
      Much appreciated,


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