Lazy Pesto

Usually I don't have luck growing basil - it regularly goes to seed before I can harvest much. But this year I have a really good crop and all I can think is - Pesto! Far from innovative, pesto is still such a classic and a crowd pleaser. I make mine in a blender and the whole thing is done in minutes.
Put about 2 cups loose basil leaves in blender. Add 2 cloves pressed garlic, 3/4 cup pine nuts, 3/4 cup grated Parmesan, 1 cup olive oil, and salt to taste. Blend all ingredients and it is ready to go.
I keep a jar of pesto in the fridge for a quick pasta dinner, but the sauce is also great on a sandwich, or grilled halibut.


  1. Hey, I love the way I keep pesto from darkening (add some lemon juice) or going bad in the fridge is to just blend the basil, salt, garlic and oil. Keep that mixture in the fridge until you use it--add the parm and pine nuts and more oil (for the right thickness) when you serve it.
    --great blog and photos!

  2. ohooo, I love the ease of this recipe, I want to try it on pizza as a sauce.

  3. Another way to keep pesto from darkening or going bad in the fridge is to cover with a nice layer of olive oil. Mine keeps for over a year in the fridge. Just spoon out what you need, smooth the top and pour on a little more olive oil to cover: refrigerate!


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