Halibut Wrapped in Fig Leaf

I love when Paul grills halibut this way. Wrapping the fish in a fig leaf infuses a subtle earthy favor that is completely unique. Plus, unwrapping something at the table always gives me a childlike thrill.

Last night, it was warm enough to eat on the back patio - a rare thing in Berkeley any time of year. After a week of flat tires and burst pipes, it felt good to put a delicious meal on the table. Along with this fish, we had roasted french fingerlings, and a butter lettuce salad. All were easy to make, and I will post the recipes for you in case you want to try them.

Like most of my favorite dishes, this one can be attributed to Alice Waters.

1 1/4 pound halibut, cut into four pieces
4 large fig leaves (you can also use grape leaves)
olive oil
sea salt

Because this recipe is about technique, we decided to try a photo essay to show you all you need to know.

First, take large fig leaves and place halibut slices in the center of each leaf. Drizzle with olive oil to avoid sticking, and sprinkle fish with salt.

Next, wrap the fish tightly.

Put wrapped fish on a preheated grill - set to high heat. Start by placing the folded sides against the grill to keep the wrap in place. 3 minutes per side should be plenty to cook this delicate fish.

Here they are ready to eat....

Serve the fish fully wrapped and let each person open the fig leaf at the table. (Don't eat the leaf itself). The halibut should be nice and moist.

Serves 4

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